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Affiliated Persons

The affiliated persons of ATLANT Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) are legal entities or individuals capable of determining directly and/or indirectly (through other legal entities and/or individuals) the decisions or affect their making by the Company as well as the legal entities, whose decisions are affected by the Company in such a way.

The Company keeps the accounting of its affiliated persons by drawing up and keeping the list of affiliated persons. The information contained in this list as well as extracts from the list of affiliated persons of the Company may be presented to third persons on their written request to the name of the Supervisory Council of the Company containing the substantiation of necessity of acquaintance with such information.

In this section, the Company discloses the information on the Company's transactions, in committing of which the followings are interested, for general public in pursuance of the requirements of the legislation:

  • Members of the Supervisory Council and Directorate, Director General of the Company;
  • Spouse, parents, adult children and their spouses, adopters, adult adopted children and their spouses, grandfather, grandmother, adult grandchildren and their spouses, brothers and sisters and parents of the spouse of the members of the Supervisory Council, members of the Directorate and Director General of the Company;
  • Members of the collegiate management bodies of the legal entity exercising the authorities of the solitary executive board of the Company, individual or legal entity exercising the authorities of the solitary executive board of this legal entity.

Up to date, no transactions with the affiliated persons of the Company to be disclosed for general public were committed.