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Corporate values

Consumer and the delight in using our products
The staff and its importance to the company and customers
Knowledge and continuous development of expertise
Experience and continuous growth in all indicators
Team spirit and ability to achieve high results together
Environment and concern for the future

The ATLANT story dates back to 1959

More than half a century ago, the plant started to produce household refrigerators. Since then, we have mastered the production of various household appliances. About 100 million units of ATLANT products are made for our customers. The company regularly becomes the winner of professional contests.

Winner and nominee of professional contests

We work not for contests, but for results. Nevertheless, we are very pleased that the jury and customers love and recognize ATLANT products.

Baranovichi Machine-Tool Plant

The success of the company is closely related to the high level of production management. The new equipment of the ATLANT Inc. foundry provides the highest quality of casting using the most modern technology, covers all of its own production needs and allows selling foundry products.

Modern production

Testing facility
Cabinet preheating furnace
Panel painting line
Modern equipment
Manufacture of refrigerators and freezers
Vacuum molding line
Modern equipment
Manufacture of washing machines
Manufacture of washing machines
Manufacture of washing machines