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Sports Complex

Lowest prices, regular promotions and discounts
Convenient location
Free parking
A wide range of services, free inventory
Spacious and bright rooms
Experienced instructors

Convenient location:
5 Saperov Str.

The complex is located near the city center, 100 meters from Pobeditelei Avenue, near the Republican Tennis Center.
+375 17 218-61-56
+375 44 717-15-29

Discounts and promotions

  • 50% discount for retiredemployees: gym, pilates (at 10:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays), billiards and table tennis until 15:00.
  • One-time visit to the gym - 4 rubles (on weekends).

Group fitness

We give classes on the fit-mix, pilates, tabata, aerobics (step and body training), as well as functional training, recreational gymnastics, the Lady Lightprogram. Professional instructors will help you to be in good shape and good mood.

190m² gym

Modern, mirror, convenient, large and spacious room with a ventilation system. It is equipped with professional training equipment for all muscle groups, cardioline, and a large number of dumbbells.

648m² arena

Full of light, spacious, corresponding to international standards. Balconies for spectators rise above it from three sides, which makes it convenient for sports competitions. The arena is full of light, spacious and meets international standards and hygienic requirements.

Gymnastics hall for 300m²

Due to the high ceiling, the air is always fresh at all times of the year, which is good for conducting the classes. Spacious, well-lit room where you can conduct classes in aerobics, pilates, sport dancing, karate, rhythmic gymnastics, etc.

Hall of martial arts
for 220m²

Children from 10 years and adults are engaged in sambo, judo and martial arts classes. Exercise machines and a large wall-mounted ladderare installed in the hall. Among the pupils of the sports complex there are champions and prize-winners of international and republican sambo competitions.

2 fitness rooms

Two mirrored halls are perfect for group workouts (74 and 124m²). They are equipped with air conditioning, dumbbells from 0.5 kg to 3 kg, wall-mounted ladder, bodybars,“rings” fit-balls, step and other fitness equipment.

2 halls for table tennis

The small hall (52m²) with one table is perfect for a comfortable pastimefor a small company. The large hall (100m²) is equipped with two tables from the German manufacturer STIGA Expert Roller.

Billiards room:
pool, snooker, pyramid

It has a nice semicircular shape. In the hall there are two tables for playing «Pyramid», tables for playing «Pool» and «Snooker».

Football field
with synthetic coating

Corresponding to international standards. You can play football all over the field and mini-football at two sites at the same time. Dressing rooms, showers and toilets are located in the sports complex building. It is equipped with a protective grid and lighting for the playing at night.

48m² darts room

The premises are divided into two zones: a play area (35m²) in 3 lanes and a rest area (13m²).

2 cozy saunas with a pool

«Water cannon», cascade, rest room, changing room, excellent steam room. Remove post-workout and work fatigue, recuperate and relax in friendly company.

Other services provided
by the Atlant complex

Hairdresser, beauty parlor, massage, cafe-bar, sewing studio.